How to Use Data More Effectively in Health Care Organizations
About Me
I served as the Quality Management Officer for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) hospitals in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area from 1996 to 2007. In that role, I had primary responsibility for conveying the VHA performance plan to management and line staff and generating data feedback on the attainment of the elements of that plan. Also during that period, I was a member of the VHA Performance Management Workgroup, a national group which had responsibility for overseeing the measurement aspects of the VHA transformation to a data driven organization.

Before joining the VHA, I was a researcher and Director for Quality Assurance for twenty-five years at a number of New York State Psychiatric Centers. Much of my research was done in the area of tardive dyskinesia.

I have a Doctorate in Experimental Psychology from Fordham University and have over 35 publications in professional journals.

I have spoken to large and small groups at healthcare facilities, colleges, and conferences around the country. In January 2012 at the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Summit with over 400 attendees in Tampa, FL I gave a plenary session on "Converting Data Into Information" and also presented my Charts Workshop.  I was asked to return at the January 2013 CNL Summit in New Orleans to present "Statistics for Non-Statisticians."

For more information or a quote, email me:  Smith1862@optonline.net 

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